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Comprehensive Exploration of Quant Token (QNT)

What is Quant Token (QNT)?

Quant Token (QNT) serves as the foundational cryptocurrency for the Quant Network. This unique blockchain platform is designed to enhance the interoperability of diverse blockchain systems. The network’s flagship technology, Overledger, positions itself as the first operating system created for blockchains. This OS aims to bridge networks globally, including in key areas such as financial services and healthcare, without compromising their interoperability​​.

The Vision of Quant Network

The creation of Overledger within the Quant Network was inspired by the need for seamless interoperability in blockchain technology. This vision, conceptualized by founder Gilbert Verdian, centers on the creation of an “Internet of Trust.” The primary goal is to provide a reliable bridge between various blockchains and networks, thereby facilitating a more integrated digital ecosystem​​.

Overledger’s Operational Architecture

The architecture of Overledger is inspired by TCP/IP models and is organized into several layers:

  • Transaction Layer: Manages storage and consensus of transactions across multiple blockchain domains.
  • Messaging Layer: Handles information, including smart contract data and metadata, retrieved from ledgers.
  • Filtering and Ordering Layer: Processes and validates messages, establishing connections and validating out-of-chain messages.
  • Application Layer: Updates the state of applications based on valid messages​​.

Quant App Store and SaaS Solutions

The Quant App Store, leveraging Overledger’s architecture, supports the creation and release of MApps with flexible fee models. Quant has also developed Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solutions for various sectors, exemplified by products like Quant Health​​.

Enterprise and Middleware Applications

Quant is actively developing applications that benefit from the decentralized nature of its platform. These applications aim to enhance operability across multiple blockchain chains, with potential use cases in areas such as electronic health records and decentralized messaging solutions​​.

Role and Function of QNT Tokens

QNT tokens facilitate digital access to services and applications on the Quant platform. The access fees are tied to fiat currency, allowing for flexible token holding as market conditions change​​.

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