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About Us

Introducing Blaze

Blaze is for the community, by the community! Join the revolution and play a pivotal role in reshaping the crypto world once and for all. Your participation is key to driving innovation and fostering a decentralized future that empowers every member of our community. Together, let’s redefine the landscape of digital finance and build a future where everyone has a stake and a voice in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.


Blaze envisions reshaping the future of decentralized finance (DeFi) by taking decisive steps towards innovation and community-driven progress. The vision is to create a transformative decentralized ecosystem where innovative solutions thrive, and the dynamics of the digital economy are reshaped through community participation.


Blaze’s mission is clear—to construct a sustainable DeFi ecosystem. Starting as a hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency, Blaze has evolved beyond its meme coin origins to become a dynamic entity with versatile utilities. The core of this mission lies in the revolutionary SwapNgo decentralized exchange (DEX), facilitating secure and cost-effective transactions for ERC-20 tokens and introducing cross-chain capabilities. Blaze aims to alleviate gas fees across multiple chains and redefine the decentralized landscape with features like token-to-token swapper, staking, NFTs, Jackpot, and limit trade.


The purpose of Blaze is multi-faceted. It involves:


Hyper-deflationary Strategy: Blaze is committed to an intentional income generation strategy, involving funds collected from dynamic utilities and buy and sell taxes. This strategy facilitates a systematic buyback and burning of Blaze tokens, enhancing token scarcity, and fostering hyper-deflationary dynamics. The purpose is to provide token holders with a compelling incentive for long-term engagement and investment by potentially increasing the value of their holdings over time.


Liquidity and Supply Management: Through the implementation of the Blaze liquidity pool, the platform aims to boost liquidity and simultaneously reduce token supply. This strategic move is advantageous for token holders as it provides heightened liquidity for trading while diminishing the overall token supply. The purpose is to establish a balanced and attractive ecosystem that benefits existing token holders and positions Blaze as a stable and appealing investment choice.


Community Engagement: Blaze places significant emphasis on community engagement through news and vlogs. The purpose is to keep the community informed and engaged, providing regular updates, diverse topics, and insights covering innovative solutions, crypto news, new tokens, gas fees, and overall developments in the ever-evolving crypto space. Additionally, the platform offers a platform for writers and crypto enthusiasts to share their work, fostering a community where diverse voices contribute to collective knowledge and growth.


Milestones and Future Developments: Blaze’s purpose is evident in its milestones and future developments. From the strategic burning of Shiba Inu tokens to the introduction of innovative utilities like Jackpot and the groundbreaking SwapNgo exchange, Blaze demonstrates a commitment to innovation and community engagement. The purpose is to actively contribute to the advancement and development of digital currency and the global financial landscape through strategic partnerships, support for L2 chains, and continuous evolution.


In summary, Blaze’s vision is to reshape the future of DeFi, its mission is to construct a sustainable DeFi ecosystem, and its purpose encompasses hyper-deflationary strategies, liquidity and supply management, community engagement, and continuous innovation and development.

The Founder

Rashi has been investing in crypto since 2017. During this time, he has learned a lot through observation and experience. The Luna crash affected him in a big way, teaching him the importance of protecting the investors in a project. Since then, he has been involved in a number of crypto projects in an advisory capacity, culminating in becoming the CEO of “Blaze Token”.

With University degrees in Aerospace Engineering & Management, he loves the analytical aspects of a project; deciphering the numbers, evaluating the situation, and collectively making decisions to drive the project strategically in the right direction.

Rashi is managing the development of utilities for Blaze Token to prove the concept that, “trading to burn” and consequently lowering the circulating supply of Shiba Inu and Blaze Token improves the value of these crypto currencies. Rashi believes that Blaze Token burns are a way to reward investors and create additional value for them.

He is also a big believer that the backbone of every project is in its community. Listening to, understanding, nurturing, and growing the Blaze Token community is his number one priority.

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